Special orders B2B

Special requests or group orders
- Do you have a group of colleagues or business orders that require a large number of products or you want to order in bulk?
- Looking for a nurses watch with your (company) logo?
- Do you have a special request?

Whether it's a small order (10pcs) or a large order (10.000stuks) we are experienced in special and bulk order requirements.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any requests or enquiries..We will send you information about our attractive prices and opportunities.

HINT: Due to our large stock we are often able to process and dispatch those last minute orders quickly. But to avoid disappointment let us know any delivery requirements as soon as possible so we can endeavour to fulfill your order.


Become a reseller of NurseOClock products?
Do you want to offer any of our products in your own store? We are official dealer and importer of various brands and the official global distributor of Swiss Medical watches and other products.
Feel free to contact us  to find out more about our reselling and distrubution opportunities.

Making business orders with NurseOClock?
We supply our products to various professional institutions. Corporate clients such as government agencies, hospitals, health centers can purchase via their own personal accounts.
Please contact us for more information.
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